setstats Bandai Perfect Grade 1/60 Zaku - Prepare the body - 1

Bandai 1/60 Zaku Perfect Grade Build - Desert Commander Color - Part 9 - Body I

Finally getting off the tubes and moving on to the body.

Here are the two main parts of the upper body.

Cut and sand one down.

Stick them for painting.

Here is the back plate, the rectangle hole in the middle is for the seat to move.

The seat.

The back connector of the seat.

The holder for the side door.

Glue one of the connector parts.

Going back to fix my machine gun part with surface primer.

More parts to go. Here is my waiting for cleanup box.

The side (and details) of the main body.

The back buster of the body.

Here is a trick I used to stick up the parts for priming.

It is simple, just wrap a BBQ stick with tapes until it fits the part you want to hold.

My holding place for priming and painting.

Another set of parts. It is the left side as you can see at the bottom of the box. (The L word on the sticky tape).

The main back part of the upper body.

What do you call this? The buster?

My trusty pad to sand things down. I have them for 2 years. It still works pretty good. Just clean them up with water after using it for a while.

The place where the shoulder will be attached to.

The tubing of the buster at the back (before cleanup).

The net before cleanup.

After the clean up.

As you can tell, it is a long long process since I actually enjoy to take my time. Anyway, for the parts that cannot be stick, I use hobby clip to hold them for painting.

I am in the middle of fixing the machine gun part.

Yeah, yeah, ready for painting.

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