setstats Bandai Perfect Grade 1/60 Zaku - More Tubes

Bandai 1/60 Zaku Perfect Grade Build - Desert Commander Color - Part 8 - More Tubes

Back to more tubes. Oh well, since it is too repetitive, so I switch to some machine gun building.


Glue them up.

The handle needs some sanding.

Back to painting the tubes. Using a lighter sky grey here, I plan to shadow them with a dark grey.

First coat.

The red inside is ok since when they linked together, you cannot see them.

Here is a closer look.

Here, I shadow the top and bottom of each part with dark grey.

Look pretty nice. I kills my fingers for repeating the same thing over and over again, but it is ok ...

Maybe the tubes are so boring, I somehow managed to make the mistake of breaking the machine guns magazine holder ...

The other goes ok.

Now, I am going to spend 10x times of time to fix it ...

As for the tubes, everyone is done with the exception of the head tubes since I am going to use a different color on them.

I am storing all the tops on these document boxes.


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