setstats Bandai Perfect Grade 1/60 Zaku - The Tubes

Bandai 1/60 Zaku Perfect Grade Build - Desert Commander Color - Part 7 - Tubes

Ok, moving onto the tubes to test my patience. They are many of them. They all look the same and the job is very repetitive ... but in the end, I am sure it will look good ...

First, cut them out by the number.

Here is a closer look of the tubes.

Cut out both number 1 and 2.

It gets kind of boring, so I also start on the machine gun.

All the little things cut out from the tube parts.

Here is a sand down tube part. Cut out from runner, cut the seam, then sand it down.

Repeat many times.

And repeat even more times.

Stick them up for priming and painting.

Set number 1.

Do more with my tooth picks.

Continue ...

Part 3 and 4. I used a yellow sticky to mark it.

Ok, you will notice that I did (stick) them all wrong.

Here is why. The right hand side is correct, while the left is not. I am suppose to let the part that you will see sticking up, so I can prime and paint them better.

So, I restick all of them (arrrrrrrrrr) and prime them.


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