setstats Perfect Grade Zaku - Desert Color OOB Build - Part 4

Bandai 1/60 Zaku Perfect Grade Build - Desert Commander Color - Part 4

Moving on to finish the other leg. (The left one I believe).

I missed out on the part that will hold the leg front armor, So, I sand, prime and paint and shadow it.

Ar, the three tone looks good enough.

This is the part that I have some trouble since I have to push it down just right without scrapping the paint around it.

The back of the leg.

Here is another three tone combination (flat alumnium, mix copper, and metal grey. There is a picture that shows the top back of the alumnium part gold. I try it but it looks kind of bad, so it is flat alumium with black shadow and a matt black wash now.

The join now goes to the top part of the leg now.

Here is the part that connects to the feet. It *is* a little hard to get into.

Da da. Here it is. The left leg.

Moving on to the other leg.


Now, I need the parts that connect the two legs.

Finish priming.


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