setstats Perfect Grade Zaku - Desert Color OOB Build - Part 3

Bandai 1/60 Zaku Perfect Grade Build - Desert Commander Color - Part 3

Missed one part for the bottom of the feet. So, need to prime and paint.

The bottom side of the legs will be flat alumnium. (It is hard to see under a yellow light since the surface just reflects the yellow light back ...)

I thne use tamiya black (not flat black) to post shadow the parts.

Nice looking now. I am not sure why I spend so much time on parts that are all covered up later :P

Start putting the legs together.

The cool looking one piece part actually go on top of the previous part to form the main leg join.

You have to force it a little bit to make it fit since the primer/paint actually add some thickness to the parts.

Put the main screw in.

Now, the main part under the join.

The grey, copperish color and the shadow work well. Oh yes, I also semi-gross coat everything.

The chrome part is next.

The mid leg part. It looks like a little horse or bike now :)

Moving down the legs.

Here is the internal of the "feet".

In the mean time, I finish the buster part for the bottom.

Ha, did not sand down the middle part well enough. I actually don't expect perfect grade to have holes like this .. anyway, will fix later.

Left feet is done.

Again, the same problem that needs to be address later for the bottom of the foot.

Repeat one more time for the left leg.

Getting there.

The stuffs sticking out if part of the soft plastic. It will be cover but I do need to clean it up before covering it.


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