setstats Bandai 1/60 Zaku Perfect Grade Build - Desert Commander Color - Part 11 - Body III

Bandai 1/60 Zaku Perfect Grade Build - Desert Commander Color - Part 11 - Body III

Back to more body :) Anyway, here is the front piece that is not the frame but I have to paint it at the same time to make sure the right square part that go to the frame will have the same tune.

My little botle of flat grey.

Next, I painted all the metal parts with metallic grey with a normal black as shadow.

Here is the back of it during construction.

The chair parts.

Put it on the back panel (which are shadow and all).

The "handle" on the top allow you to move the chair left and right.

Here is the metal spring where all the other tube parts will go onto.

Another look with the shadowing.

The main body parts all ready with paint and shadow, etc.

Finally fixed the machine gun part. Just like new.

Spend some much time on it ...

Some other machine parts are also ready.

Flat grey, black shadow and top coated the body panel. Probably need a wash and sticker later.

Next are all the finished tube parts.

Many ...

Many of them.

Pass them through the metal spring.

After that, you can curve them to make the shape you like.

Next is the lower compartment of the zaku.


The little door.

All here with the tubes sticking out at the back.

The holder of the front panel.

The side details are next.

The machanic tubes.

Nice looking.

Next are the parts for holding the shoulder.

Here it is.


Now, move to the buster at the back.

Here is one. It is also three tune. Alumium, metallic grey and copper-ish color.

Now, I figure out I forget to paint the front lower panel ... so quickly cleanup.

And paint and shadow. You can guess some of my painting scheme later on for the armors. Some yellow, some green.

The next side of the body panel with details.

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