Bandai 1/60 Zaku Perfect Grade Build - Desert Commander Color - Part 1

Let's start with a clean air spray booth. I clean up the internals and change the filters.

So, nice and clean now.

Since it is a desert color scheme, so I come up with these colors to plan in my head what the color patterns will be.


Here is the PG in question. I have two of the same kits. One I got from HK for around $80 US. I got from amazon when they clean out all the gundam model for $39.99 :)

Nice perfect grade package even though it is a little classic now. Still very good.

I also got a custom set #2. I picked this up in Japan Toys R Us years ago when I were there.

The custom set has a light up heat hawk.

My usual boxes for work in progress.

I always start with the legs. Since I usually don't finish a build until months later. (I have two kids and many other stuffs to do :) Having legs will enable them to stand around in the display case for months without any problem :)

Here is the main join for the legs. It actually comes in one piece that is movable already when cut out from the tree.

Here is the back, you can see the ball join.

Here is the other (right) piece.

More leg join parts.

I glue and sand them to remove the seam line.

Trusty irwin to fix them while the glue is drying.

Also sand down the movable join part.

It can move in some good angles.

Here is the top part that will combine with the join.

The chrome part for "suspension".

Cut out from tree, cut the excess part sticking out, then sand down. All here waiting for me to get to.

I usually "work" on my model from 11pm to 12 or 1am. But sometimes I will get to them during Sat and kids will come check them out.

More sanding.

Then glue.

See how nice the molding is on some parts. And you will never see them again once it is put together ...

All sanded down to get ready to put together.