setstats Bandai DX Voice I-Doll Lunamaria Hawke

Bandai DX Voice I-Doll Lunamaria Hawke

This is by far the best prepainted PVC figure of Lunamaria Hawke ever made with superb sculpt and paint job! Not only that, this DX Voice I-Doll version of Lunamaria Hawke comes with a base that plays 10 voice recordings done by the voice actress, Maaya Sakamoto, who did the voice-over work for Lunamaria Hawke. 8 voice recordings are taken from 8 different episodes of the Gundam Seed Destiny anime series and Maaya Sakamoto did 2 original voices just for this figure! This is an absolute must-have item for Lunamaria Hawke and Maaya Sakamoto fans!

I am a huge fan of Lunamaria Hawke. I have two resin figures of her. This is the first PVC I have. I also have two half scale kit of that I will eventually get to ...

You can press any button and the voice from the voice character will say something. Not bad for just 15 USD from AX, isn't it?

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