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Testors 1/43 Dodge Viper GTS Coupe Metal Model Kit

If you notice, I don't really do (model of) cars. Actually, I also don't do airplane. I really enjoy looking at them, but somehow never has the willingness to build one. Well, at least until your son pointed out a small blue car that he wants to have. I have a coupon for 40% off, so I only pay around $8 for a $13 car.

Mmmm, you want to have a quick build, so everyone will have fun. Kind of like the little armor car I have. However, I should have remember most American kits need a lot of fixing to make it right.

Oh well, your 5 years old is always looking forward to the build no matter what it is!

Check out the content of the model. The body is one nice piece of metal.

It is nice on the one hand, it also means that there is no much you can do for fixing ...

And you notice that I have not take many pictures (actually only one below), because I spent all my time trying to make all the pieces that are molded in a way that they will never have a perfect fit ... Arrrrr

Anyway, it is done. It looks cool (when you are 5 years old or so). I just need to remember to get a Tamiya kit or something to build next time ... :)


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