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Busy People Gundam Modeling Quick Fix Tutorial - Shadow

You see the box art. They have nice shaded shadow. And you want to recreate them (quickly) without too much trouble. What do you do?

The orignal plastic part is "plastic looking".

Well, you still have to clean them up first. Clean cut, clean cleanup. Less work down the road.

However, it still looks very plastic.

What you want is to make it looks like this with nice shadow and so on ...

It is all about pairing up your color. For the goku hair you see, I keep the original plastic and just spary or paint the nice clear red on top.

For the skin, I can use skin color + red + brown or whatever color that will mke the shadow to your liking.

You try it out to see if that is what you want by paiting them on top of the unused tree part.

You can apply the same technique on all type of colors.

Here is another example.

The goal of this quick fix is to keep the original plastic color and just apply the shadow on top of it. Ideally you spary the shadow on, but paint will work as well.

Goku is not really a gundam, isn't he??? Well, he is at least a MG.

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