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Busy People Gundam Modeling Quick Fix Tutorial - Clean up and sanding

After cutting out the part from the tree. The next step is to clean up the seam. Or whatever extra plastic left on the part. The flat model cutter you use will still left you some plastic seam to clean up. If the part is too small, you might not want to use the flat cutter to cut it too close to the part. In that case, you will have to use a hobby knife to finish the job of creating a clean cut.

Here is the sequence of how you can do it.

If you are serious about practicing, you can use a marker to paint the extra part (red), and use a hobby knife to cut them out to make sure whatever you cut out is only the red colored part.

For busy people, you will use the flat model cutter to cut as close as possible and just use hobby knifes to clean up. Here is the knifes I used.

The normal type. You can get from Micheal in the US.

The knife for cutting center seam.

Here, this is what you do when you have a seam in the middle of the part.

A way to clean up using the normal hobby knife.

This is how I usually hold it. Left hand to control where you are going and right hand to cut. You will get the hold of it after cuttng youself a few times :) These things are sharp.

After the cut, you can optionally use sand paper to do more cleanup if needed. The idea is that you should use your skin to feel the seam and they should be smooth enough to not able to feel it. The basic idea of sanding is to sand from rough all the way to smooth. If you are a busy people, you can get one of these to go from even, smooth, buff to shine all in one stick :)



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