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Busy Model Gundam Modeling Quick Fix Tutorial - Panel lines with Gundam Marker

Panel lines are not necessary to be black. Here is grey, black, brown, and smaller black :)

Both of them are oil based.

Here is what you will need to clean up. Yes, a eraser.

Here is the model/toy without panel lines.

Use the marker to follow the line.

Go go go, mmmm, some of the paints went outside.

Don't sweat, just let them dry.

Eraser time.

When the marker paint is dry, you can clean them up easily by erasing them out.

Dust off will help to make sure all the dirt are out.

Nice and clean now.

More to go.

Now, can you do better? You will notice the line in the middle going down in an angle is not evenly distributed with paint. Can we make it looks better.

Yes, for each line, you can paint and erase until all the paint is nicely distributed. Just like the same line shown in here.

But then, this is a quick fix tutorial for busy people. If the lines look good enough for you. Move on :) The example here is to show left (no lines) and right (have panel lines).

By the way, this happens to be a nice MA.

The same quick fix technique can be used for any gunpla.

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