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Busy People Gundam Modeling Quick Fix Tutorial - Clean Cutting

Cutting the parts out of your tree is the first step in building your gunpla. And you just have to remember a simple rule:

Here is your part. We are using a mega scale to show that you can apply the technique to any scale. .

The most important detail is in the tool that you will use. The buildin tool is not good enough since it does not create a clean cut.

A fancy nail cutter is also not good enough since there is no flag surface for cutting.

A scissor should only be used to open the plastic bags :)

Here is the minimium that you should consider - A flag model cutter.

Flag indicates the cutting contact point is flat.

Flat like this.

Better yet, you can buy a higher end tamiya model cutter. Around 20 USD and you can use it for years (given that you don't try it to the floor/hard surface).

The higher the price usually give you the sharper cutting edge.

Now, do you just cut it out like this? The answer is no in most cases. What you want is to lineup the surface of your cut to the flag surface of the cutter. If the part is in the tree, it makes the lineup very difficult.

What you can do is to cut part of the tree out like this.

Then, line it up to make a clean cut (without scratching the part).

See, nice and flat. No twisted in any form.

Do it one by one to start building your gunpla. Remember, the cleaner the cut, the less work down the road.




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