Gundam Modeling Tutorial - Masking

Masking is similar to "covering". Before you enter a paint job, sometimes, you will have to use some materials to cover / protect portions of the work. There is solid or liquid masking. Examples of solid masking is masking tape, sticky tape, etc. There is also liquid product that will perform masking as well. Mr. Masking Sol Neo (by Mr. Hobby) is a good masking solution.

Here is my trusty tamiya masking tape.

In a lot of cases, sticky tape will also work.

The basic idea is very simple, you use masking tape and cover the parts that you don't want paint to get into. Just like this ... you just have to make sure the edges are all sharp, so paint will not get in while you are doing the painting.

Then, you start priming or painting.

One coat, two coat, until it is done to your liking.

So, you can go from this ...

To this ... nicely with masking tapes.

Masking tapes can also be applied to soft surface as well. Here is an example. (The GN cable of Gundam Exia).

You can mask like this and use a clip to get the tape out later.

Just go forward with the contruction with the masking tape.

When you are done, you can just take off the masking tape.

And you will be rewarded a beautiful piece.

Here is an example of using sticky tape and masking tape combined.

Prime and ...

Then paint.

You can do the panel line after the masking / painting procedure.

Without any kit conversion, you can contruct while you mask.

Like this.

You mask and paint like this.

After all the paint is done to your liking, you can use a clip to take the masking tape off.

If you mask it right, you can do multiple color easily.

Patience will give you good work.