setstats Tamiya 1:16 Tiger I - Final Product

Tamiya 1:16 Tiger I - Final Product

It is done! Get some good sunlight and take it to the backyard for photoshoot.

If the background is sand road, it will look perfect. But then, there is no sand in my backyard.

With the metal tracks and all the electronics, motor, battery, etc in the tummy, the tank is very heavy.

Check out the "painted" on decal.

I just notice that the exhaust/air pipe (on the left) is not connected during the shoot. Anyway, it is a choice I made not to super glue it. If I did, it will make the maintance of the RC tank very difficult. You will have to open it up for charging battery every now and then. Anyway, I could have make it shows up better for the photo. (Need to wait for another sunny day with the younger kid not in the house (so the tank wouldn't get kicked, etc)). The added photo etch grills are cool.

The orange thing inside the barrel is the flash light. It will light up when you fire the gun. Oh yes, there will be recoil action with real recorded tiger I firing sound all sync up.

The tank and the lemon tree in the background.

I paint, shadow, wash and dust weather the tool box.

The transparent tube in the front of the machine gun lights up when you fire.

I sand the shovel on the edge a little bit to give it a gently used feel.

The pipes come in black in some type of sticky plastic. I have to prime, paint and wash to make it look like this.

Another shoot of the "painted" in decals.

I actually use a thin layer of white/dust to wash the wood color, so the brown will not stand out too much.

No, this door does not open. I think there is a amber kit that can make it opens ...

The spring is a real mini metal spring.

Done photo shooting, the tank goes back to the shelf with its "buddies".


Check out the other parts:

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