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Tamiya 1:16 Tiger I - Test Fit / Rebuild

Forget about the turret decal problem for a while and switching back to work on the body.

I detailed all the smaller parts and put them on the body.

The tools are hand painted and weathered. I want to give a just sligtly used feel. I used both the tamiya weathering kits as well as other traditional methods such as dry brush, mix color wash, etc.

Charge up the battery again for test drive.

Put in the turrent for test run. Initially, there is a problem of the gears for rotating the torret do not fit correctly. After a few tries, everything works fine.

Wash some more to enable the color of the turret and the body to brand in better.

The initial look is good enough but after a few nights of sleep. I wake up one day and decide to redo the turret to make the decals perfect. Trust me, it is very painful ... first order of business is to deconstruct the back of the turret.

Oh yes, I also miss painting one part of the barrel! Check out the grey prime color ... what happen is that turret motor is so hard, I thought I did extend it all the way out. But it is not ... so ...

Back to the painful process of refinishing the turret. I have to tell you that taking out the decals after top coat is not possible. So, you have to sand the stuffs out.

Then, mask up all the parts that are finsihed. And paint the miss part of the barrel.

Next, I revised the masking process (mask the front, not the back), and sand and reprime the turret body.

There are too much stuffs on the table, so I built a couple shelves for goodies. Oh yes, I also built out all the garage as a hobby workshop with a help of a good friend way back. I will post something later on that as well.

Here is mistake number n. I mis-mask the side of the turret.

Need to sand, prime, preshadow, paint, postshaodw ... yala yala ya ...

Sand some more and more ...

Wa la. It is done. Back to what it was a month or so ago. With all these work ...

Spend $12 or so to get some dry transfer. And CAREFULLY work on them.

Now, this is perfect. Just like rolling off the factory ... totally look painted on.

The older son also agreed.

Check out the other parts:

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