setstats Tamiya 1/16 Tiger I RC Complete Set - The Top

Tamiya 1/16 Tiger I RC Complete Set - The Top

Next step is to put the decal on the sides.

Top coat it well when it is done.


It looks ok.

The front is still here. Put it to rest. But the way, the electronic and the metal tracks make the tank very heavy now. So, transporting from one place to another is like a mini weight lifting trip. And I have to careful not to drop it on the floor.

Moving on to the smaller parts. Prime and base color when necessary.

I am using the stock plastic cables. So, there is a lot of work to make them look "real". The mud/red brown color is to similate dirt/mud.

Same on to the side cable.

Almost done.

More weathering

Install the machine gun and make sure it works. It will light up with machine gun sound when engaged.

The back mud flip actually fall off easily. I have to redo it a few times ...

Attach the tow cables to the body. You have to bend the top two cables a little bit and make sure they actually stick to the top piece instead of pointing upward.

On of the decal turns out to be unhappy (silvering). So, I did a stupid experiment.

So, I mask up the decal and try to fix the silver shadow ... the result is ... very unhappy and I am so piss off and redo the side part with a new decal. The net is - DO NOT DO what I did below.

Start the turret. Prime the piece and put the motor in.

One of my sanding gears.

The liquid thread lock does not response to hot weather too well.

Mask the motor part and german grey the turret. Shadow that afterward.

The smoke "guns" on the sides of the turret are also built.


Check out the other parts:

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