setstats Tamiya 1/16 Tiger I RC Complete Set - The Inside

Tamiya 1/16 Tiger I RC Complete Set - The Inside

Moving on to the top of the tank. First, test fit the top and make sure it will fit nicely. Since the other parts of the tank is primed, sometime thing becomes thinker than it should be. If that is the case, sand it down and then re-touch up.Doing a nice enough RC model is a little tougher than just a static model since you have to take care of all the moving parts and make sure they still look nice enough. For example, the top will have to be taken out for maintance every now and then. And I need to make sure that the paint will allow you to do that.

Take some time to shadow and wash the side of the tank as well.

If it is a static model, I will do more with the tracks such as adding mud effect, etc. But since it actually moves, this three color scheme (mud brown, track color and wash) will work. On yes, every part is top coat heavily to protect it.

This first hop-up options I used is the photo etch grill.

Stage the top on a couple of boxes for "operation".

Cut out the grills and check them out.

Test fit it then super glue it to the plastic part. I could have do more customization on the grill, but then little parts will fall off if it is an moving RC, so this will do.

I work on a set (of two on one side) at a time.

The body is resting with my Guyver II 1/1 Head for now.

Most of the parts are attached, and ready for priming.

Nicely done. Happy.

Pass 1 of german grey with shadwing.


Did a little more weathering on the air filers for fun. The tool box at the bottom is not done yet.

Back to resting.

Oh yes, I actually use a air compressor used for air gun. It comes with a air tank. With an air tank the compressor will not make constant noise as in some of the hobby compressors. Just attach the water filter and ...


Mmmm ... I took all these pics with the G2 in my garage. Will take better pics when the whole thing is finish.

Take my time and put all the electroincs in. This part is not hard at all. The one at the back is the speaker. I also upgrade the two battery to 3000s. The DMD is also in place.

Of course, I tested the basic electronic system before I fit it in. Everything is there.


Check out the other parts:

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