setstats Tamiya 1/16 Tiger I RC Complete Set - Lets Start

Tamiya 1/16 Tiger I RC Complete Set - Let's Start

I got this in 2005 when I was back in Hong Kong for vacation. It has been sitting in the room for 3 years. Finally, there was motivation to build it since I was going back in Hong Kong for vacation in Dec 2007 and planned to get another 1/16 tank. The plan was to have it built by Dec 2007, and bought another tank and sit in the room for another n years. I ended up did not finish it until March of 2008. Anyway, the subject is this beautiful 1/16 Tamiya Tiger I.

The official description goes something like this - "Tamiya has put incredible power and versatility of the German Tiger I in your fingertips with this 1/16 scale, fully functional R/C tank. Just some of the many functions this tank is capable of have been recorded in the video clips below. First check out the firing of the main cannon, complete with true to life flash and cannon recoil. The shot is so powerful that it actually causes the tank itself to recoil, just like the full size Tiger I. Then, click on the next image to see the cannon rotate, tracking down the enemy and preparing to fire. Next is the firing of the authentically recreated 7.92mm MG34 machine gun! Finally, take a gander at how the Tiger I moves on its durable resin and metal tracks. (Please understand that downloading images may take some time.) "

The box is huge. And things are nicely organized inside with display windows, etc.

Here are the contents inside the box. Besides the original parts, I added a full metal tracks that costs around $100 and a photo etch grill set for the body.

The inner hull is aluminum. The first order of business is to set the sockets for the suspension bar.

The parts responsible for moving the tracks are all metals.

The mechanism on the top of this base enables you to control the tracks' tightness.

Moving on to the main hull of the tank.

Tamiya quality, things fit perfectly.

I want to build it like a scale model with nice paint, structure, light weathering, etc. The subject is quite big, so I need to use extra care to make sure I don't demage it during construction. So, screwing the bottom of the tank needs extra care (of not dropping the whole thing in the ground)..

The suspension bars are installed. I remember the instruction is actually wrong in one part. Clockwise is actually anti-clockwise. So, I almost kill one of the bars ... This suspension design is actually quite good. I guess if springs are used, they will wear off a lot easier.

Moving on to the main wheels. You need super glue to stick the plastic parts to the metal parts.

Sand the parts with #1000 sand paper, and use tamiya metal primer to prime it. The primer is transparent (and it costs $10 per bottle in the US).

You do this in the middle of the night, and your kid sometimes will wake up and come down to the work shop to bug you.

Next, sand the metal parts and metal prime it. Sanding will increase the surface area and enable the primer to stick better to the metal surface.

After priming the metal parts, the whole part is ready for priming.

Check out the other parts:

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