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Building My First Grill - CharBroil Designer Series

I mean to get a Grill for a long time. The buying part becomes very easy now since I own a gundam truck. The price is very good with season end sales. It is originally $500 US, but with the coupon and the sales, I have it out the door for $235 :) Thanks Tak for "downloading" it from the truck bed to the garage :)

Here is the box. It is a CharBroil Designer Series.

Start unboxing and take the upper parts in the packaging out.

Ar, here is the main body.

The box with the hardware.

More boxes hidden in the main body.

Lay them all out.

Kid comes over and pick up the packaging materials to build a model of his own.

Relocating the parts, so I can have a working area.

Here it is. It is factory seal with all the oil and stuff in the surface. I have a cleaner to clean it up when all put together.

Construct the base with wheels first.

Here is where all the screws and stuffs come from.

Screw with washer and locker.

First side is up.

Then, the next one.

He is also busy.

Back side is also up with the screws and so on.

Now, I need to lift the grill surface on top of the main box.

Can you help me? ... Arrr, no, it is too heavy for me ...

But I can take a picture with it.

Finally, my wife and I did the heavy lifting.

The middle button is for starting the fire.

Here is the back so far.

The side so far.

Put up the small but long piece at the back. Have to "go inside" and screw the screws in.

Finish both left and right sides.

Secure all the inner parts with screws now.

Put the left hand side of the grill together. It is not hard, it comes in almost one piece.

Here is the hole to install the side burner.

This tube will go to tank.

The connector to the tank.

More screws underneath to deal with to secure the burner left hand side.

Here is where the switch for the burner will go.

Let's check it out.

First, put up the indicator ring.

Then, make sure the tube at the back is all happy.

The kid cannot wait to turn it ...

Let's start working on the burner.

Here it is.

Of course, I have to secure the burner with screws.

Here is how it connects.

Put the rack in.

Check them out with both doors opened.

Next step is to put up the tank protector. The metal is very thin, but I suppose it is enough.

In the middle of putting the piece of metal inside.

Finally fit in after some moving in and out.

Also, secure it with screws.

Here is the hole for the oil and other juice to drip in while cooking.

Those liquid will go to this drawer during cooking.

Drawer will travel in these two rails.

Let's put them up.

Ar, here is mistake number one. Actually, the instruction never mentioned it. The little hole in the back metal back is actually upside down. So, I have to unscrew a few screws and turn it upside down.

So, now the hole is in the upper part where I can put a metal tube in.

Here is how it works internally.

Put up the left door.

Put up the right door.

Install all the cast iron parts for the grilling surface.

Install the drawer to collect liquid.

Done :)

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