setstats Bandai 1/144 - MS-09R Rick-Dom - Char C3 Hobby Limited Edition - Part 1

Bandai 1/144 - MS-09R Rick-Dom - Char C3 Hobby Limited Edition - Part 1

Refining the Dom design for space was simple, and mostly involved replacing the hover jet thrusters with standard rocket thrusters (and, judging by its lighter empty weight, opening up more interior space for fuel). The result was the MS-09R Rick Dom, and Zeon manufacturers began cranking out hundreds of these new units late in the war. Oh well, this one is the char rick-dom which I believe it appears in some gundam games and comic. In any case, it is a collectible item issued only at C3 Hobby show in 2007. It goes for 45 USD in the US. Of course, I pick it up in a show for $15 USD.

Let's unbox.

All the parts are in beautiful metallic chrome color.

I am not usually a big fan for chrome plate model, but then, if you just want to have a model fix and don't feel like painting. This will do.

I am doing this in my "office" instead of the work shop. So, I have an excuse to open a new tamiya tool.

There are marks where the chrome plate fall out. So, I will have to touch up later.


Well, I am also watching high kick girl at the same time while building the model.


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