setstats Bandai 1:200 RX-78-2 Gundam SpeedGrade

Bandai 1:200 RX-78-2 Gundam SpeedGrade

Picked this up for $5 US in AX 2008. It is such as good deal for a quick build and have fun with my kids. Don't forget to comment at the bottom to show your support!

This is the US version. So, it is in a ziplock bag instead of a box.

The instruction is printed in the internal card holder with nice pictures and stuffs on it.

Yeah, it is painted nicely.

Six runner parts are included.

I started with the head. Cut out the seam and sand them as needed.

Next is the touch up of the body.

The paint job is not perfect, so I have to fix it. There is yellow paint covering the blue parts.

Move minor fixing after the body is built.

For extra coloring, I used my gundam markers.

Do extra coloring of the backpack.

Top part is built and touch up and waiting to dry.

Attached to the base to keep the kid happy.

I moved on to the weapons. More sanding and touch up.

The arms are next.

It is supposed to be snap fit but it does not really fit perfectly. So, I have to glue and press it to stablized.

Shield and arms are done.

Going to the next leg.

Da Da!

Not bad for $5.

After some minor panel lines. Here are some light box shoots (the ones above are from the workshop):

Have you try a speedgrade gunpla?


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