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Bandai - Kamen Rider Ryuki - Twist Action Form - Masked Rider Ryuki


This is a really really weird item. It is a figure that can be twisted. It looks fine in the photos, but when you hold it in hand, it is very light and .... weird ... When you pose, it is too light at the bottom part (the legs), so it does really stand up. But it is kind of fun because you can abuse it into different non-human pose, haha. Anyway, here is HLJ description:

The titular hero from "Kamen Rider Ryuki" now comes to fans as this incredibly poseable Twist Action Form toy! Standing 18cm tall, Ryuki's nicely detailed head and body armor come attached to an extremely flexible Twist Action Frame body, which allow for infinite posing possibilities. His signature Drag Saber and a pair of interchangeable hands are provided.

Bandai's Twist Action Form lineup of poseable action figures has featured characters reproduced in detail and capable of holding realistic poses thanks to the inner metal Twist Action Frames, which provide infinite range of unrestricted motions. Additionally, the suits are made of faux leather that cover the entire body so there would be no unsightly visble joints.

Did I mention that right hand keeps falling off? Original price is 4200 yen, I got it for 840 yen. So, acceptable fun :)

The box is super beautiful, you almost don't want to open it. It display good with the box.

Unbox, here it is.

And mix it in with a tomika little police car.

Oh well.

You have to be 15 and above to play with this.

TAF is twist action figure.

You have infinite number of poses (if you can make he stands up).

It comes with a sword.

And the right hand falls off every other minute that you play with it.

Looks, however, is good.





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