setstats Bandai - Kamen Rider Decade Diend Henshin Soutenjuu Gun DX Diendriver

Bandai - Kamen Rider Decade Diend Henshin Soutenjuu Gun DX Diendriver

Kamen Rider Diend's transformation device and weapon of choice, the Diendriver is now produced as this fun electronic toy that allows you to role play as the blue barcode-motif Rider! Slot in the included Diend card into Diendriver, slide out the front portion of the gun, and pull the trigger to complete the transformation. LEDs light up and the device plays numerous electronic sounds and phrases from the "Kamen Rider Decade" show! The four included cards are Diend (Kamen Ride), Ouja (Ride), Kaixa (Ride), and Final Attack Ride Diend. The cards can also be used with the "Kamen Rider Battle Ganbaride" arcade game machine. A card holder is included. Two AAA batteries required, not included.

This is fun fun item for kids. It is a gun and it is a kamen rider henshin device all in one. And you can mix and match other cards into it. (Well, it makes the same sound).

I actually bought this from a book festival in Hong Kong. Yes, it is supposed to sell book, but this corner has all the kamen rider decade stuffs on sale.

The card holder.



I have a stronger card from a comic book, so he also has it now.


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