setstats Kamen Rider Gatack - Gatack Double Calibur DX - Bandai

Kamen Rider Gatack - Gatack Double Calibur DX - Bandai

This weapon belongs to Kamen Rider Gatack. It is one of the helper riders for the Kamen Rider Kabuto series. It is one of the best Kamen Rider series out there. It comes out when Kamen Rider clebrates 35 years of showing. It is called Gatack Double Calibur: Only available in Rider Form, the Gatack Double Calibur are shotel-like weapons which resemble stag beetle mandibles. They are attached on each shoulder when not in use. He has a golden Plus Calibur on his right shoulder and a silver Minus Calibur on his left. When the Caliburs are interlocked, they create a scissor-like weapon resembling a stag beetle's mandibles; the "RIDER CUTTING" finisher is then activated as the charge on the Double Calibur starts immediately.

And yes, it is supposed to be 399 Hong Kong dollars. But Jusco marks it on that day for 39.9 Hong Kong dollor. So, I get the whole box for 5 USD in Hong Kong! 5 dollars only!!!

Asia version. So, the left lower corner of the box has some chinese in there.

Side of the box.

It will say rider cutting when you do that :)

The box is quite big.

Let's unbox.

It is made by zect.

Kid loves it.

Big enough for adult.

You can wear it to the street.

Or use it to scratch your back.





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