setstats Bandai Cutie Honey Live Action Movie Lunch Box Set

Bandai Cutie Honey Live Action Movie Lunch Box Set

Honey Flash! Yes, it is from the 70s, but it is still cool. Adapted from a classic 70s Japanese cartoon, the live action movie Cutie Honey stars Sato Eriko and is one of the most talked about films in Japan this summer. The director for this film is the famed director of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Anno Kideaki, and the lead CUTIE HONEY is played by the sexy Sato Eriko, where she will be COSPLAY!

It is a lunch box, it is a dvd movie, it is a key chain. It is also pink, so my sons will never use it. I actually never see the movie, but then it is a BIG 5 DOLLARS at Anime Expo Bandai booth. So, it cannot be wrong. In fact, the movie is pretty good (and cheesssssy) and fun!

Here is what you get for 5 USD.

Yes, it is a limit edition.

Pretty cool.



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