setstats Bandai 1/60 Perfect Grade Zaku - Desert Commander - Second Half - Part 8 - Armors

Bandai 1/60 Perfect Grade Zaku - Desert Commander - Second Half - Part 8 - Armors

Ar, I just found out I missed the inside of the head. They are still red. So, I have to make them all desert color inside.

I decided to do all the other armor parts together to ensure the tune of the color is the same.

Sanding down the parts with factory defects.

In same case, there is a little dip in the armor part, and I will have to putty it up and sand down.

Stick them up.

Prime them.

More priming.

The left shoulder is one of the most interesting part in a zaku.

I glue them first to let it dry for putty and sanding later.

Then, I apply some putty to let it dry over night.

Moving on to paint the armor parts. XF-1 is used to shadow. I used XF-1 (flat) because my base coat is also flat.

The dropper for the paint.

Here is the fresh black color ready to shadow. Fresh black is better. If you have black sitting around for a long time, some of the paint will develop little dots inside ...

My pressure control.

The compressor.

The air duct.

Oh yes, I want to mention that in order to make the desert yellow more special. I add a little accent into that.

What I use is nato green.

Here one drop of nato green to the desert yellow. It makes the yellow brend to the other nato green parts of the zaku much better.

Continue to post shadow the armor parts.

The work area.

First base coat.

And then post shadow the parts.

The next thing to do is the decal the armor parts before putting them on the zaku.

In some case, you have to take the leg off to do the decal.

You can refer to the tutorial section on how to do it.

In any case, the one I use is a 1/60 dry transfer. It takes time to do, but it will pay off as they look so good.



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