setstats Bandai 1/60 Perfect Grade Zaku - Desert Commander - Second Half - Part 5 - The Head

Bandai 1/60 Perfect Grade Zaku - Desert Commander - Second Half - Part 5 - The Head

Let's start working on the head.

Get all the parts out. Sand them and put into the box to get organized.

Here is the based of the head.

Prime it.

Prime and brush the other parts.

Next, move on to the red eye. I decided to use the reverse of the sticker to act as marking tape for me to paint the eye.

Here is what I do. I mask the eye part and leave the circle open for air brush.

Here is another look. Just need to make sure the edge is sharp when masking.

This is the final version after the adjustment.

Next, it is clear red time.

I do three coats of clear red.

Then, I top it off with a grossy clear coat to make sure all the light are reflected off the surface. Here is when it is still wet.

Look's good after it dry.

It looks good after the masking tapes are off.

This is the base where the eye will go in.

The eye is in.

Need to black off the side.

So, the standard black type from the kit is used.

Here it is.

And this work out nicely as you can see the red is still red after the visor is on.

The top is on.

Red eye looking good.

Let's move on to the "neck".

Putting them together.

Cool looking guy.

The back of this base is where the battery is.

Well, it does not really work the first time :) So, I have to debug to make sure all the connection is good.

Check here.

Check there.

It looks like it is the base that is the problem.

So, some more wiring are added to test it out first.

So, here you go.

Now, I will wire it back to the box.

Da da!!! Working nicely.



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