setstats Bandai 1/60 Perfect Grade Zaku - Desert Commander - Second Half - Part 1 - Hand/Arm

Bandai 1/60 Perfect Grade Zaku - Desert Commander - Second Half - Part 1 - Hand/Arm

Let's continue on our 1/60 PG Desert Zaku built. I am going to start the hands and arms parts.

Here are the arm parts.

As big as a 1/60, some of the pastic part from the factory has layers on them. See the shield ... I have to sand all those down, so the prime / paint will show up nicely.

Here are the finger parts. All the fingers come put together right from the tree. You just need to put them out. Very interesting technology.

My left and right boxes.

The innner part of the arms.

Hold them together.

The shoulder parts.

Instead of using putty, just for fun, I use instance glue here to put them together.

The "cable" parts for the arm.

For some parts that you cannot BBQ stick them, you can wrap the BBQ stick with sticky tapes.

Then, hold/stick the part like this.

The red needs to go for the desert color.

The instant glue after sanding. It will look ok after priming.

More arm parts.

The beauty of the fingers.

It works right off the tree. But you can see the circle on the side.

Here, I sand them down. It takes a while and you have to be careful not to break the finger ...

More sanding.

The hand parts.

For parts that you cannot really hold it, you can sticky tape it to a paper board.

My trusty clips.

For filling a hole, I use instant (super) glue again.

Get these parts ready to paint.

Sand down all needed parts.

The same process applies:

Sand -> Prime -> Preshadow -> base coat -> Postshadow -> Flat clear coat. The fade out color looks good enough.



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