setstats Tomica - Tomy - Bit Char-G - Bus 11 - Isuzu LV Cubic Kokusai Kogyo - Mini RC

Tomica - Tomy - Bit Char-G - Bus 11 - Isuzu LV Cubic Kokusai Kogyo - Mini RC

Super fun items that was sitting in my garage for 5 years or so. Finally have a chance to put it together. I got this from a toy store in Waichai in Hong Kong but unfortunately, the store for 5 years already.

This is the Bit series from Tomica. It is really well made and it is half given to me by the store owner. I remember it was over half prize and the owner gave my kids a couple toys for free as well. Due to the changes in Hong Kong as it changed into a city that service mainland china people, a lot of small stores are closed and give way to only big stores such as main brand name handbag or jewelery stores ... the original culture is slowly slipping away.

In any case, here is the fun item. It is small, Radio Control (RC) and lonas of fun.

The bus is so small. You can compare that with the controller.

Instruction is here, there is some work to put it together.

Fun fun.

Let's put the base and motor together.

Super small motor.

The controller has a game boy look.

Stickers will make the bus more "real".




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