setstats Bandai 1/100 - Master Grade - YMS-15 Gyan - Part 3

Bandai 1/100 - Master Grade - YMS-15 Gyan - Part 3

The beam sword is think! And ...

It lights up!

So, I ended up shadow the dark blue, shield, sword and grey parts. The light color is untouch. And I used a semi gloss topcoat to make the light blue appears to be more reflective than it is. (Kind of like the box art.)

The eye is three coats of clear red as usual. You just have to wait for at least two days for the clear red to actually dry all the way.

Pretty cool looking MS.

Of course, the whole thing is panel lined. So, here is the quick process:

For this one, I left the light blue alone without shadow to give the impression that it is more reflective than the darker color parts.

Check out the shadow of the dark blue.

The shield is the coolest looking part.

The sword lights up.

Pretty happy with it. Fun build.




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