setstats Bandai 1/100 - Master Grade - YMS-15 Gyan - Part 1

Bandai 1/100 - Master Grade - YMS-15 Gyan - Part 1

Love the Gyan since I am a kid. Funny to see this guy does not even make the movies of the original 0079 series. It is a fun out of the box MS in the 0079 series. It is produced by the Zimmad Company in the anime. YMS-15 Gyan was meant to be the rival to the Zeonic Company's MS-14 Gelgoog. The Gyan is meant to fight along side Zimmad's highly popular and powerful MS-09 Dom and MS-09R Rick Dom mobile suits.

The exotic YMS-15 Gyan was meant as a purely close-combat mobile suit with Zimmad's Doms providing the long-range support. The Gyan's primary weapon was a large and powerful beam sword. A support weapon was a large, circular shield that has 56 small missile launchers built into it. The shield also holds a dozen hide bombs and space mines that are used to lay traps. The appearance of the Gyan, with its silver armor and Pickelhaube helmet design, has a strong resemblance to a medieval armored knight. This is further emphasized by M'Quve's fighting style in it, which is heavily based on fencing.

And yes, Gyan fights the orignal gundam and gets cut into two pieces :)

The box art is beautiful!

The history of how the gyan comes along.

The menu.

I remember I got this for only 30 USD from a local deal in And I told that guy that I am a fan and I will eventually build it :) So, he gave me a good deal. (A reasonable price will be around 50).

The body.

This is a modified MG v1 type of soldier. Very fun to put together.

The cool part is the shield.

These are the missiles.

I also painted the little guy inside.

Kids are playing the gb-aging from the gundam age series.

Well, one of the them is catching up on chinese school homework.


The parts for the legs to attach to. It uses a special join to allow more movement.

Box it up for painting. Remember to cover the parts to avoid dust to get in before painting.

Continue my original color shadow experiments, I decided to shadow the dark blue parts and leave the original light blue untouch with only topcoat.




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