setstats Bandai 1/8 MG Figurerise Super Saiyan Son Goku - Part 3

Bandai 1/8 MG Figurerise Super Saiyan Son Goku - Part 3

Super Saiyan has super cool hair. So, it is time to work on them.

A few parts form the hair piece.

Kid is upset on something. Probaby did not do well on the math or something ... cannot remember :) But of course, he stick around and watch.

I shadow it with red on the hair parts.

The change of color is good enough for the first try.

Some red shadow on top of yellow piece with clear top coat.


Most shadowing of parts.

The goal is to make up some color that is one or two grade darker than the original plastic color.

You can test the color on top of the plastic tree to dry run (test) it.

No. Paint on top of masking tape does not work. So, free hand ...

You can use a tooth pick to clean up.

Ok, free hand on the eyebrow.

Free hand the yellow.

After the clean up. Almost perfect.


If you screw up, you can always mask and paint the other way.

The month.

The eyes are water decal.






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