setstats Bandai 1/100 - MSM-03 Gogg - Part 2

Bandai 1/100 - MSM-03 Gogg - Part 2

Let's continue on the arms and hands.

Here is the original color with the soft black parts.

Next, I need to pick the shadow color that will go on top of the original color plastic parts. These are the ones that match the most. (Although it is not ideal since these are flat color and the plastic are glossy in general.)

By the way, you always panel line the parts before you post shadow it.

You can test out the color at the back of the part.

The trusty air brush.

You only need to take two or three pass for each shadow. Too much will make it look not natural.

Something like this will be good. After the top coat, it will show up better.

Good enough.

The darker color needs a darker shadow.

Here it is.

Shadow the backpack as well.

Decal on top of the shadowed part.

Looks pretty good.

Here it is, the shadow on top of the original color with the decal. Good looking in 1/4 of the time you spent with traditional method of painting.

Another part done.

Shadows are looking good.



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