setstats Bandai 1/100 - MSM-03 Gogg - Part 1

Bandai 1/100 - MSM-03 Gogg - Part 1

Here is the fun Master Grade Gogg! I got it for 40 USD or so.The Gogg was heavily armored to withstand deep sea pressure. The mobile suit also held a powerful reactor, so powerful that the Gogg could even use twin mega particle guns mounted in its body. The Gogg, however, had no cooling systems and used the water as a natural heat sink. Lastly, the MSM-03 Gogg had ballast tanks also built inside the body, allowing it to travel fully submerged. The tanks could also hold water to cool the mobile suit's reactors during out of water operations, but as soon as the water ran out, its reactor would overheat, forcing it back into the water.

Let's check out the box and start the build. By the way, I am using the few builds I am doing now to eventually build an original color tuturial on how to build good looking gunpla with all the original plastic colors.

All the older MG comes with a holder card like this.

My little truck to hold the temp garbage.

I also use the sanders to clean up parts as well.

Let's build the shoulder parts first.

Then, the body.

The box is actually pretty big.

I will color some internal parts in gold color.

I also painted the little guy inside. He is looking all ready to drive the mobile suit haha. (I am not sure why I spent the time, but I will feel bad if he is just a block of plastic.)

Next, I wash the parts that need black lines.

I use tamiya clear red for the eye.

The parts that are ready are boxed waiting to paint.



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