setstats Bandai 1/100 - Master Grade - MS-09 Dom - Part 3

Bandai 1/100 - Dom - Part 3

Let's continue. I believe I finish this in a week or so. Here is the decal before the water clean up.

Moving along.

Decals are set and nice looking now.

Purple with shadow is cool looking. Love the original color of the plastic.

The yellow thing is a dry transfer.

Coming together.

The backpack.

The hands. The MG DOM has all the fingers.

This does take some time to come together.

I always build the head last just to make sure I am fully warmup, so I don't make mistake on the head.

The eye is painted with tamiya clear red without any thinner. Try it, it works out well. You just have to allow 2,3 days for it to totally dry.

I also decide not to shadow the red parts to give it a clean look.

Here it is.

The last part is right in the front, so I take my time for it.

Da Da!

Pretty happy with the result! Hope you enjoy the ride!



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