setstats Bandai 1/100 - Master Grade - MS-09 Dom - Part 2

Bandai 1/100 - Master Grade - MS-09 Dom - Part 2

Let's continue on the legs.

I start putting water decal on it. You can checkout the tutorial on how to do it perfectly. You will not be able to see any transparent or white part if done correctly.

The foot with decal and shadowed parts. The red will be covered, so I passed on any coating. (That is what cover build means :)

I actually panel line them just for fun.

The numbers go on.

Other decal goes on. You want to test fit it before you apply the decal, so you know everything is lined up correctly.

Pretty good.

Ar, you can see the seems here. I could have sand it more, but I am not planning on prime and paint, so I go easy on the sanding. And with the top coat later, you can hardly see it.

Front is looking perfect.

The legs will rest here for now.

Let's work on the arm parts.

You can top coat and add part to the finish product as you go.

All the black are original color. You top coat it, so it looks "real" but not plastic :)

Most decals. Remember to only apply them on top of parts that are gloss coated. The more gloss it is, the better. So, the process goes:

I happen to pick semi gloss as the final coat in this DOM.

Coming along.

If you are brave, you can touch up the seem as you go. Of you let it go since this is a fun cover build.

Here it is for now for the lower part.

Back to the arms parts with decals.

Let's do a quick checkup in the morning.

Looking good.




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