setstats Bandai 1/100 - Master Grade - MS-09 Dom - Part 1

Bandai 1/100 - Master Grade - MS-09 Dom - Part 1

A lot of the master grade kits change the form somewhat from the anime. But this MG Dom looks exactly the same as you see in the original 0079 series. The goal of this build is shown in this picture. We want to keep the original color of the kit, shadow all the major parts and do a quick cover build as you will see the anime. Pretty enough that makes you a happy builder and will only take a week or so to complete.

Let's start with the leg parts. I usually do that since I want some parts to standup as I continue to build.

Without the armor, the legs can really be bent together.

Here they are.

It is a version 1 generation kit, so not too many internal frame parts.

I will keep this color as in the orignal anime.

The big gun.

The color makeup of the DOM is really simple. Let's shadow the purple parts.

This is a part after panel line (wash). So, it is really to be shadowed.

Mix up the shadow part and try it at the back to see if it looks good.

Try and try and this shadow paint is the one that I am going to use.

Now, use an airbrush to shadow the edges of each purple part. Just run it over two times to shadow will be good enough.

Since I am going to do wet decal on top of the parts, I will gloss coat all the parts I just shadowed.

You can do all the purple parts in one pass.

Here they are. Nicely shadowed.

Since the top coat is gloss, you have to make sure you WAIT long enough (like overnight) before you touch the parts again.

Let's put them together and see how it goes.

The shadowing looks good.

If you practice enough, the shadow will cover most the seem, so the structure will look almost perfect. Remember, you are using the original color and just shadow on top of it.

I decide to skip all the black parts without shadow and just top coat it.

All the purple parts are done.

Let's continue the test fit.

Cool big foot.

Ready to rock.



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