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The Hummer Bike

I actually long to own a hummer. Hummer H2 or H1. I actually almost get a H3 until I found out there is no child lock and side air bags on all seats, (the basic child friendly stuffs), etc. (What the hell are they thinking or not putting those in). Anyway, please don't start to flame me if you are green and really want to save on gas, etc. There is a sector of people who enjoy the crazy square-ness of the hummer line and I happen to be one of them. I was dreaming that when GM is going to ditch the hummer brand, I can walk into a dealer and ask them if they can sell me an H2 for 10k instead of 45k since no one wants it. Oh well, I believe the hummer brand is going to be picked up by a Chinese company. So, no deal for me.

I ended up with the Gundam Truck and I am extremely happy with it. Oh yes, there is a "Toyota Hummer" :) in Japan. You can check it out in my other page. Just search for Mega Cruiser in the middle of the page.

In any case, if you cannot get a Hummer, you can still get a Hummer Bike for your kid!

I got this from Toysrus for around $90. I get it since it has a better built frame and two brakes (both front and back). Kids cannot wait to open it.

Da da!

The package looks like this when all unbox.

The seat, training wheels, handle, etc.

See see, it is hummer.

First, put the wheel in.

Avoid hitting the kids while doing it. They will circle around you.

The locking parts for the wheels.

All secure.

The training wheels.


Next, it is the handle.

Punch it in to make sure it will turn and not fall off.

Adjust the seat while the younger kid really wants to sit on it. (Fake crying I might add).

Secure the handle from the top.

Doing all that while the kids cutting each other for a seat.



Now, do the brake. I have not done it for like 20 years.

The "steps". Forget what it is called now.


There are even yellow suspensions. (Well, two yellow foam parts that look like suspensions.)

Trying for the first time.

Happy. If you are getting a bike, it is a very good choice. He rides it every week now. We do try every single bikes in his size in Toysrus before we buy.


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