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Toy Boxes (Hong Kong 2007 Xmas Edition)

It is actually a home real estate problem. The finished models/toys are in my home "office" and the in-progress or unfinish models/toys are in the garage (with the 15 or so cabinets I built there). So, there was plenty of space. But after the trip to Hong Kong in year end 2007. I find all the spaces are gone in a hurry. And here is the reason ... boxes of goodies I shipped from the post office there by ship (the slowest and cheapest way to ship).

Here is an example of a small "MultiPack" box.

With a Ideon, my melody, Unicorn gundam and karmen rider in there.

Another box with various goodies.

I picked up the Full Armor Gundam 0036 around 26 USD.

The box of the futaba 4 channel controller (the blue box) for the 1/16 tamiya RC tank took up a lot of space. I should have just hand carry it ...

Here is the biggest MultiPack box you can get.

I picked up this dragon ball character for about 5 USD ... I act as a box separater very well.

Ha, the PG GP01 is there.

Various goodies.

The huge Gaiking The Great is from a a Hong Kong toy maker. Will have a review on that later.

The Lalah MA is only 10 USD :)

The white bags are the Bandai recycle bags. Available at the Gundam Expo there.


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