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Guyver II Head (In Progress)

Bio-Booster Armor Guyver or Guyver is a long-running manga series written by Yoshiki Takaya. The manga started around 1985 and I started reading all of them since early 90s. The author is very detail and "slow" as there is usually only one book per year (in the past five years or so). So, you can do the number ... I will have a full review later in the anime section.

The subject is a 1:1 scale of Guyver II head. It is a Hong Kong / Thai cast, so there is a lot of work. The head does not sit straight, there is no neck, and the center is banned to the left ... and there is a long list of minor things that need to be fixed.

However, guyver II is fun to work with since it is asymmentic with the left face different than the right face.

Guyver II is Oswald A. Lisker in the series. Lisker was in Japan to supervise the transfer of the inactive Guyver Units to Cronos HQ, and was considerably annoyed to discover Makishima had managed to lose them. When one damaged unit was recovered, he insisted on taking a look at it, and involuntarily became its host. As the second known activated Unit, he was called Guyver II. A man vain of both looks and martial arts skills, he decided to take on the task of retrieving the Unit Sho had bonded with. His Control Metal, which had been damaged when the Unit was initially lost, malfunctioned under the stress of combat. Sho took advantage of his weakened state and struck the metal, causing further malfunction. The control medal burst out of his head and the organism that made up the armor began to consume Lisker's body. Sho then used his Mega-Smasher (more details below) to put him out of his misery. Lisker is tall, with curly blond hair.

Here is the progress:

I have this box given to me from a dear friend years ago. So, the motivation to actually finish it up is very high.

Use the heat gun to start working on the "antenna" ...

I need to rebuid the neck with some "sim" from home depot.

Cutting, cutting. By the way, I (with a good friend's help) also built the whole working area. I will post some details later.

It is somewhat balanced now.


Working on the neck bottom up.

Screws and a lot of glue from the cold heat glue gun.

Install a base, and start putty up the neck to make it smooth.

Install the antenna just to see the look of it.

Arrr, you see the whole upper part of the head is banned towards the right.


While thinking about the banning, I fixed up the neck on all sides.


Now, heat gun the heck out of it and banned the whole head to a better shape.

See! Everything is staight now.

Finished about a week worth of work. Will post some update later.

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