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Open Hobby Shelf in the Garage

I have quite a few display cases for my models and toys. (I will post some info on them later) But for really big unbuild models, where do you put them? How about an open hobby shelf in the garage?

I pick all the materials up at Home Depot. It is around $100 USD or so. The set is usually used inside a closet. But otaku stuffs will also be fine :)

First, you put the top center bar on the wall. Just make sure you try out the vertical bars to make sure they will all fit. No, your wall are not square, so you need to make sure the vertical bars are not too long for some parts of the wall. Everything needs to be 90 degrees between bars and wall, etc.

Also, a stud finder to find where to screw the bars on will be helpful. I also picked up a couple "long tools" holder.

All my yard stuffs can be held there.

Next, I install the triangle holders for the bottom shelf. .

Here is the tricky part, you have to try out the shelf to make sure it will fit. I do have to move one of the vertical bars to get a perfect spacing on the triangle support holder.

Install the top shelf.

Start loading the shelfs up with goodies.


I am happy with them. The shelfs can hold very heavy things without sweat.

How do you store your unopened boxes?

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