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Part 8 - Bandai 1/60 Gundam Exia Out-of-the-box build - Weapons and Testfit

Moving on to the last part. The GN sword/rifle. I first glue and send down the side of the sword. Then prime it.

After all this priming, panel line, and so on. The top coat somehow (I probably hold it too close) created a static drop on the right hand side.

The other side loosk perfect.

So, I reprime, sand, paint, shadow it back ... It looks good now.

Here is the resting place for drying.

Back to the shield. It needs to have two color on the same piece. NG is non grade, there are works to do.

I decided just to hand paint it.

Done. Good enough.

I have these boxes to organize the pieces.

I did try out without painting a piece and do weathering on top of it and see what happens. It is actually not bad, I will try it on another model next time. For this, it will go back to priming.

Primed and painted on.

Simple blue from tamiya.


Two color is also needed for the base of the shield. So, I mask up a painted blue piece on the front.

Expose the part that need to be dark grey.

First coat.

Wait for it to dry.

Fix up the details for the cover.

Top coat, shadow and panel line.

While the cover is crying, go back and shadow the shield. Nice looking now.

Unmaks the top.

Use the original color and add black into it.

Shadhow it.

Put together.

Moving on to the rifle part.

Put all the painted pieces together.

Looks pretty good.

Finished. Ready to be equiped.

Time for test fit. The arm.

And the shoulder.

With the hand.

Next one.

Here is the body from before.

One goes up.

Both goes up (I will have better pics in another page).

Attached the swords.

Here is where the GN blade will go.


The shoulder works out well.

The whole where the GN sword/rifle will go.

Da da.

Let's put the head up for test fit.

Mmm, it looks good, but the shoulders color seems to be one tone darker than what I wanted.

What should I do? Can I look at these for years with a darker tone?

Yeah, I decided to fix up the tone of the shoulder.

Take them apart and bring the shoulders to the work shop.

Here is a risky move. Mask up the white part with the whole thing assembled.


Repaint most of the shoulder to tune it down but keep the shadow.

Unmask and it turns out great.

Go to the finish page to see the finished product :)


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