Part 6 - Bandai 1/60 Gundam Exia Out-of-the-box build - Hand / Sword

Let's start working on the hands and some of the seven swords from the Exia. Here is the dirty paint booth ...

This is the stuffs that if you breath them in, you will die in some way ...

Anyway, back to the handles of the sword.

Keep them organized in my little holding area.

I actually got two more (I have two to start with) from San Francisco Japan town.

Have all the parts prepared for sanding.

There are mold lines in each sword handle.

Sand the lines down. The one below is the finished sanding product.

The top part of the handle also needs to be sand down to smooth the surface out.

Done sanding.

Gear up for priming and painting.

Here is the staging area. Other parts are prepared for painting as well.

The hands are just prepared for priming. (No paint is on yet).

Here are the sticks I used to stage the parts. The same thing you use for BBQ :)

The problem with white parts is that it is relatively hard to see if the primer goes up correctly or not. Since grey/white primer looks very close to glossy white plastic when not dry.

When the primer is dry, the imperfection shows up. And further sanding is needed.

Here, now this is a good one.

Do the prime, resand thing four times, and I am ready to panel lines.

My choice of enamel paint.

Wash the lines and wait 15, 20 minutes.

Here is a part finished panel line product.

Add shadowing with my iwata air brush.

Repeat, repeat for panel lines and shadowing.

Top coat and I am done.

Also start with the hands.

There are six parts for each hand.

Ok, back to the hands. The parts are also sanded.

The details is pretty good.

Start priming. These type of model clips are very good.

Prime the back/front of the hand.

First coat of dark grey. I then, shadow all the dark grey parts with tamiya black.

The fun part: putting them together.

Here you go the right hand.

Finished both. I did the white cover with panel lines with other parts (in another page somewhere).