Part 5 - Bandai 1/60 Gundam Exia Out-of-the-box build - Head

Yeah. Moving on to the head of Exia. Here are the external parts.

Bandai actually does a good job on the molding. I just need to sand and clean up the parts.

Here is the lower part of the face.

The "V" and the eyes of the head.

Another shoot of the "V".

Here are the sides of the head where the graphic (sticker) will show.

The sticks I used to sand things.

Prime the head.

Prime and white air brush the side of the head.

Red glossy paint for the head.

Prime and white air brush the side cover of the head. It is just normal glossy tamiya white.

Glossy white will allow panel lines to go on. Here is the start. Wash/paint and let it dry for 20 min or so.

Thinner wash and the line is there!

Do some cleanup (wash again) to make the lines show up perfectly.

Do the same thing for the head top cover.

Panel lines the side of the head.

Shadow the back of the head.

And shadow the side.

Here they are. Ready to go with the yellow parts. I prefer the little darker look so it does not look like a plastic toy.


Sticker for the side of the head.

The sticker is great. Try it. Better than all green.

Transparent cover on.

A view from the back.

Both sides of the head are ready.

These parts are ready. Put them back for resting.

Painting for eyes. First, I use gundam makers (yes, I do have them) to color the eyes. Then, a coat of black enamel paint is used to surround the eyes.

You can go around the eye with a wash technique that just let the paint to run around it while it is still wet.

Done. If you make a mistake, you can just clean it up with an enamel thinner. Since it is enamel based, the thinner will be not mess up the tamiya paint or gundam maker.

Done. I will top coat and make all the necessary parts glossy.

Sticker of the head is on.

The top cover of the head is on.

Here is the face.

And the back of the head with the sticker.

Here is the bottom of the head.

The shadow works out well.

The side of the head goes up.

The head without the "V".

Panel line the "V".

Another shoot of it :)

The "V" goes up.

The head cover is in now.

It works out nice.