Part 4 - Bandai 1/60 Gundam Exia Out-of-the-box build - Arms / Weapon

Alright, continue on the arms. First, put them together and sand down the lines.

Also need to do the middle part.

Here is the hosting where the hands will go.

My "mobile" holding area. The grey is actually flat dark grey. It looks very good after you top coat it with semi gloss.

Some of the weapons are also ready.

Here is the part that will hold the GN sword.

Ar, NG means you have to mask and air brush. The middle part suppose to be dark grey.

Here you go. All masked up.

Check it one more time.

Here is the other arm.

First coat and let it sit for dry. By the way, gloss paint takes much longer to dry than flat paint.

Working on panel line the GN blade.

Humborl is what I used.

Ar, done with the wash. The general procedure is to paint, let it dry for a while(above), then wash it with the thinner.

Also taken care of the back of the blade.

The middle part of the arm. Just did the painting, waiting to dry now. Will do the wash after that.

This is what it looks like with panel line and shadow done.

Doing all of these at the same time.

Here is the socket that the hand will go in. Already wash with panel lines.

The top of the hand.

Another one. I prefer lighter panel lines instead of the gundam marker style.

The back side of the arm.

The other side with the panel lines done. The masked air brush part in the middle turns out to be great.

Finished working on the other GN blade with panel lines.

Shadow it with some black to add some depth to it.

The other arm cover with panel lines and shadow.

The fun part: putting them together.

One. All the work I spent to sand out the right hand side turns out to be covered :) That is what happen when you do gunpla 2am in the morning when all your kids are sleeping.

The side of the arm.

With the sticker and the cover.

When put together, it looks pretty good. Not sure why a lot of people will skip the sticker and just paint it green.

Another one.

Tho happy arms here.

Now, put the GN sword together.

Da da!

The grey/black shadow brings out the dimension of the blade.

Put them in a box.

And your kid will track you down that you are hiding in the garage.