Part 3a - Bandai 1/60 Gundam Exia Out-of-the-box build - Lower Body

Yeah! Find this batch of files in my hard disk somewhere. The missing lower body construction!

First, prime, and do a first coat of white. Some shadow and panel lines.

Switch back to some weapon parts (so I am not bored by all the white color :)

Pin up the part for painting.

Ar, finish up the foot.

My trusty IRWIN for fixing things after glueing.

The bottle of paints are ready to go.

Do the red.

Since it is a NG kid, there is always parts to mask and paint.

First coat.

Ar, done. Flat dark grey on grossy white.

The second one.

Da da. Done.

Back to the back of the shield part with some shadowing.

Panel lines.

More panel lines and shadow.

The back of the lower body.

Put together. Yeah.

The side view.