setstats Part 3 - Bandai 1/60 Gundam Exia Out-of-the-box build - The Body

Part 3 - Bandai 1/60 Gundam Exia Out-of-the-box build - The Body

Moving on to the body of Exia. These parts are the shoulders attached to the body.

Prime them.

Fix all the extra plastic sticking out.

Get a new pack of clips from HLJ or HobbySearch? (Cannot remember, I just order them online somewhere)

Here, all clipped up for painting.

More priming.

Time to paint. I picked a darker blue because I want the Exia to look, ar, darker :) So, it does not look like a plastic toy.

Run of space to host my parts, so go to target and get a $50 US kitchen cart and build it. You are supposed to put a microwave oven on top, but then, this will work ...

Base coat everything and put them back. The kitchen cart works like a champ.

The new clips also works very well to let parts drying on the table.

The darker blue looks good enough.

It is an NG, so you have to mask a part to do two different colors every now and then. Here is the center piece in the body. Prime, base color, panel line, mask, second color, shadow, than top coat.

Ready to add shadowing.

See him, see him? He is Setsuna F Seiei (刹那). Exia's pilot. After a few rounds of gundam marker painting ...

He goes into his chair. (In the middle of the body)

Next to switch to work on something else, so I build a base for my Advance of Z gundam.

It cost $4 US at AX 2008 :)

You can use it on differnt type of figures. The one showed above is a MSIA.

Not bad for $4 US.

Back to the body, it is an out-of-the-box build, so I just apply the sticker and see how it looks.

It looks ok. With all the other stuffs that will actually cover the circle/sphere, this will be fine.

Starts on the GN drive.

The photo might not show too well, but all the blue parts are also shadow. Instead of using the airbrush, I use the tamiya weathering kit to shadow (weather) the parts. All the edges are darken.

The back of the body is ready to install the GN drive.

Half of the drive is in.

Da da! It is on.

It will be ready after some touch up.

Moving on to the front.

The shield is also ready. Pretty happy with it. Will have better photos later.

The yellow exhausts (what do you call that?) are also installed.

Pretty good. Except the shadowing on the darker glossy blue does not show up too well with flash photos.

Finally putting on the legs.

Test fit!

Not bad for a no grade.

Test fit shots. Run out of space in the workshop, so just take it upstair for storing.

Back to the shelf to store.


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