setstats Part 2 - Bandai 1/60 Gundam Exia Out-of-the-box build - The Legs

Part 2 - Bandai 1/60 Gundam Exia Out-of-the-box build - The Legs

Continue with the legs on the Exia out-of-the-box build. Since it is out-of-the-box build, I decide to use the original sticker that comes with it. A lot of other people will just paint it dark green, or smoke green the transparent part to cover it up. I, however, think the sticker with the line design is very pleasing.

Here is another shot of the middle leg part. It is shadowed with Tamiya XF-1 and lines in the middle is sanded down (except the middle part that is going to be covered).

The light blue part is stock (from the box) soft PVC part.

Here is a shoot of the stickers that come with it.

Test fit the left leg.

A side shoot of the leg. The white parts are also shadowed. For all the while parts, the procedure goes something like this:

  1. Prime
  2. Glossy white based color
  3. Panel line with enamel black paint
  4. Shadow with tamiya black X-1 or XF1
  5. Top coat (semi-glossy)

Actually, the parts are panel lined, but are too light. If there is none, you will only see a bunch of white on the leg. In any case, I will redo the panel line to make it darker.

For parts that I cannot clip or put a toothpick to hold and paint. I will use hot glue gun.

Test fit of the right leg.

A close up of the "wheel", the lines are mostly gone. So, happy.

More painting and waiting to dry.

The knee part that is panel lined.

A middle part like this is hard to panel line, since you have to get the outter lines and leave the middle part white. In other words, the middle part needs to have two narrow black lines.

The container I used to hold the paint for panel lines.

The trusty iwata air brush.

After more panel lining, this is a shoot of a part that has just been top coated. the top coat is still wet.

Moving on to other parts plus starting the weapon.

Just prime them.

And base color painted.

Before the painting, the parts need to be prepared. Here is a weapon part. You cut from the runner.

Use the hobby knife to cut some excessive part.

Sand it down.

Putty or surface primer it and sand it some more.

Anyway, back to the panel lining with darker paint. Put it on and let it dry for a while (1,2 hours).

Same for the GN sword.

And the other leg.

And the knee.

Use some thinner to clean up the lines and you will have a nice piece.

Do many lines cleanup and ready to test fit again.

The only thing I did not sand it down is the part between the foot and the leg. The line is still there and somehow I think it looks pretty good. In any case, I can always go back and fix it if I changed my mind.

Happy with the foot. The next few parts will have better photo shoots. These are also shot in the workshop.


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