Bandai 1/60 Gundam Exia Out-of-the-box build

I have not built a gundam model for a while and decide to do a NG (No Grade) out of the box build of 1/60 Gundam Exia. Since I am watching season two right now (fansub from Japan) and English version of season one in the US, pretty excited to have my hands on the Exia. I actually picked this gunpla up in Hong Kong Gundam Expo in 2007 for $350 (around 45 US) a few months ago.

For people who have not catchup on the anime, please go see it now. It is good, or at least as good as gundam seed. While I still prefer things from the UC timeline, Gundam 00 provides a very refleshing alternative. GN-001 or Gundam Exia is the main gundam in season one of Gundam 00. The name Exia is derived from exousia, the biblical Greek for the authorities.

There are many runner parts in this NG. In fact, the quality feel like a HG in 1/60 scale. Since I decided to be a out-of-the-box build, I will not do any conversion or fix. Just want to see how good or bad it will turn out to be with just air brush and painting.

It is snap fit, but to ensure core parts to be secured I apply glue and hold them using my worker clips.

I start with legs and have two containers - one for left and one for right.

Moving along nicely

I bought these model clips back from Hong Kong. It works like a champ with gundam parts.

Kid checking out what I am doing in the workshop.

Time for priming. I let them rest in my booth for drying overnight.

These parts need to be touchup after the priming. So, I putty (the left) and sand them (right).

Ar, I learnt that recently that you can use a bottle computer duster to clean up the parts before priming or painting. It works really well if you have some parts sitting in the open for a while and want to clean them up.

More parts for fixing. Tamiya liquid putty is what I used to putty, you can sand them out easily.

Just to remember not to hold the part too close when priming. Otherwise, the grey stuffs will be stuck at the corners and you have to sand as I do to reprime it.

Feet are done.

Other parts are drying.

Time to start painting.

White on grey primer with white or yellow light makes it very hard to see if your glossy white is on or not.

The first coat is just to give it a base color.

I need to blow off the dust on this one.

I use a flat Tamiya dark grey with black shadowing on the Gundam grey parts. A semi-glossy top coat is applied after the paint is dry. I also putty and sand down each part to make the line disappear.

Use some toothpicks to let the parts dry.

They turn out to look very nice.

Next is to panel lines and shadow the while parts.

Test fit.

I use these to panel lines.


I want to create a light panel lines instead of the hard lines with the gundam makers. I will do more Enamel black if necessary to harden the lines.

Ar, the problem with NG model without conversion. You have to mask and fix every other parts.

In the middle of fixing the gaps.

Ar, mistake number n, sand too much and need to fix again to give the line back :)